12, 18 og 23 år rom fra den Dominikanske Republik. Superlativerne står i kø, ved smagning af disse rom.

Smag og duft går i retning af nødder, vanilje, karamel, ristet eg og tørrede frugter.


According to the​ 35 Maple Street website, their rum has been named for a wooden schooner of the same name. This schooner,​ KIRK AND SWEENEY, was a rum running vessel which brought rum from the Caribbean to the Northeast Coast during Prohibition. The ship was apparently captured and seized off the coast of New York in 1924 where enforcement officials found an enormous cargo of rum aboard. The folks at 35 Maple Street like to use historical references in the naming of their brands (see​Masterson’s Straight Rye Whiskey)​and felt the Kirk and Sweeney was an ideal choice for their Dominican rum. ​


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