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Murray McDavid Cask Craft Single Malt

Since 1994, we’ve been leading the way in the art of whisky maturation; crafting exciting Scotch whisky by finishing fine spirit in great oak casks.



Character: sweet malt, light citrus fruits with hint of mixed nuts.

Influence: creamy vanilla, caramel tropical fruit with sweet spice

Result: The ¼ casks from Koval Distillery are compact, quickly mellowing the Auchroisk spirit to produce a creamy and sweet whisky full of fresh flavours of vanilla, crisp apple, sweet mango with honied cereal.


Character: light, sweet malt, citrus fruits with hint of nuts

Influence: rich, dry fruits with mellow oak spice

Result: Combining the classic Speyside malt and the exotic wine cask has produced alluring aromas of red currants, honied cereal and milk chocolate which flow onto the palate, leaving a long warming finish with flavours of sweet oak spice.


Character: peat smoke, fresh fruits and creamy sweetness

Influence: rich, red fruits, hint of nuts with sweet oak spice

Result: This vibrant, peated malt was finished in two batches of fortified wine casks. This lively coming together produces flamboyant flavours of sweet hickory, bbq tropical fruits and an alluring smokiness that gently lingers



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